Acidity, Heartburn and Constipation

Poor DigestionIf you know a little bit of Ayurveda, you are familiar with the names of the three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha. Vata governs everything that moves within us, pitta governs transformation while kapha relates to the structure of the body. Health is not the absence of disease, but a balance of the three doshas, a balance of the digestive fires, body tissues, elimination processes and the mind.

When heartburn is associated with constipation, two of the five different vatas in the body – samana vayu, which moves food along the digestive tract and apana vayu which enables elimination of bodily wastes have been disturbed by improper diet, lifestyle, anger, fear, resentment, anxiety, trauma, stress etc. It hinders the proper movement of pachak pitta that supplies the necessary acids and enzymes for digestion causing acid reflux, heartburn, inflammation of the GI tract, constipation, ulcers and other heat related ailments associated with inflammation.

Vata is the main culprit here, it usually controls both pitta and kapha in behaving normally. So, while vata is cold and pitta is hot, how does one balance both?

The answer lies in first removing ama or toxin buildup, balancing vata and pitta with herbs and dietary changes and finally rejuvenating the doshas with herbs that restore a healthy vata and pitta balance. The longer a condition remains unchecked, the longer it takes to see a difference. After all, it is not an antacid tablet that you pop, fall asleep, then repeat the pattern of a poor diet and lifestyle the very next day. The ayurvedic process addresses the root cause of the condition, namely restore the proper flow of vata and cool the inflammation in the body.

First and foremost, follow a cooling pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle. Avoid sour and pungent tastes as they aggravate pitta. Avoid fermented, raw, processed, frozen, canned, microwaved foods, fried foods and heavy sweets, cheeses. Avoid ice, alcohol, coffees and stimulants. Take herbs that support the diet to bring about balance. Exercise, follow the seasonal and daily cycles to enhance and support you. Healhty Lifestyle

So, reading this, the first question that will pop into the mind would be, so where is the fun in avoiding all the things you so love! The answer lies in changing the mind. Everyone should eat a healthy, balanced diet. We all know that. Yet, real change only happens when there is no conflict and it is congruent to one’s own highest values. If there is a conflict in the mind about changing something, figure out the why in the equation, and you will quickly figure out the how. As my teacher says so often, you will be hungry in four hours, no matter what. Relax into the change with a breakthrough on yourself, about any stress, worry or fear that is sabotaging your valiant efforts for changing for the better.

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